Fuselage Docks

The Fuselage Dock system provides access to all of the fuselage areas of the aircraft. It provides full access to the port and starboard sides, without restricting any movement of the control surfaces. The Fuselage Dock system allows full access to every door of the aircraft, ‘on wheels’ and in the ‘jacked’ positions.
The Fuselage Dock system allows complete access to the fuselage crown areas of all aircraft types.
Each side (port and starboard) of the Fuselage Dock provides access to the Nose Dock Assembly and the Tail Dock Assembly.
Stairways provide access to all levels and comply with internationally approved Industrial Safety Standards. These docks permit rapid docking / de-docking of aircraft.
When used together with a Tail Dock, the Fuselage Dock system allows safe travel access for personnel from the nose through the fuselage to the tail of the aircraft.