Tail Docks

The Tail Dock has an adjustable, vertical drive that facilitates efficient, safe, and easy access for maintenance personnel to all components and to various parts of the air craft’s tail section.
The Tail Dock’s stabilo at level-0 moves horizontally and vertically to adjust to the profiles of different aircraft. The tail dock is provided with multiple levels in order to simultaneously reach all the areas of the vertical stabilizer on even the largest aircraft. The Tail Dock system is designed to maximize the efficiency of aircraft maintenance by providing continuous ergonomic access from the nose to the tail via the fuselage.
The Tail Dock can be operated independently for access to each level of the tail area of the aircraft. With this independent control system the top level of the platform reaches a height of 23 m as is required for the A380 series.
The Tail Dock system is designed for manual operation in the event of a system failure for vertical and/or horizontal moving components.