Static Compactor

The static compactor is a stationary waste or recycling collection system that comprises of 4 components.  1) the container 2) the compacting head 3) the electronic control and 4) the hydraulic system.
Excel, in collaboration with Avermann Germany, fabricates, assembles and supplies state-of-the-art, cost effective static compactors that are highly modular, and highly efficient. Avermann Germany has been a pioneer in the field of waste compactors for the last 30 years.
These Avermann static compactors are suitable for Roll-on / Roll-off Tipping vehicles.
  • The compactors comply with legal / safety requirements.
  • The compactors adhere to industrial standards.
  • The compactors can be specifically designed to the customer's specs.
  • Excel vouches for the durability and reliability and provides all after sales support.
  • Reduced waste disposal costs.
  • Improved waste management system.
  • Low maintenance, long lasting designs and components.
  • Models to suit low and high volumes of waste.
The Dubai Municipality has been a leader in using these Avermann static compactors throughout the municipality, as supplied and serviced by Excel.
These compactors offer an ideal solution for any kind of application, because of the many possible variations.