Mobile Compactor

Excel has fabricated and assembled the illustrated Mobile Compactor(s) for a reputed client in Bahrain.
The Mobile Compactor is a vehicle with fixed compacting equipment, comprised of a sturdy body of high tensile steel. It has a keel shaped floor, ejector barrier, ejector ram and hopper lift brackets, tailgate with packer, sweeper, hydraulics connected with hose, electrical fittings and a bin lifting mechanism. It can be supplied with additional bin lifting arms. The Mobile Compactor is compatible with most popular model chassis.
Key Advantages:
The Mobile Compactor is designed to compact different kinds of waste from municipalities, private contractors, industrial operations etc. The waste is compressed down to one fifth (20%) of its original volume. Compacted waste minimizes storage space while improving transport efficiency. Leakage and bad odours are reduced or avoided.
The Mobile Compactor is highly flexible.  It is compatible with all leading bin lift systems and comes equipped with a high level of safety protection built in.