Pneumatic Waste Collection

Excel introduces, in association with Ros Roca of Spain, the Innovative New System for Municipal solid waste collection through “Pneumatic Waste Transportation”.
Pneumatic Waste Collection directs the waste through a network of underground tubes to the collection plant. The waste travels underground from the user’s home or from a drop-off box that is located in the street directly to the collection plant.
At the collection plant, the waste is separated according to the collected fraction and is stored in sealed containers. It is then ready to be transported to its treatment destination.
Each pneumatic collection installation is structured around the following elements.
  • Drop off points
  • Transportation network
  • Collection Plant
Pneumatic Waste Collection System Applications
Hotels, Urban Centres, Housing Colonies, Office Buildings, Hospitals, Industrial Estates, Large Retail Outlets, Apartment Buildings, Malls, Airports, Train Stations etc.