Hydraulic and Mechanical Sweepers

Excel represents Bucher Schorling, of Switzerland, in the UAE for Hydraulic and Mechanical Sweepers.
These Hydraulic and Mechanical Sweepers are multi-purpose, and useful in any industry. They can be used for sweeping away and sucking rubbish, minute particles, or dust / sand plus also washing off the road/ground/tarmac surfaces, in and around buildings, roads, hospitals, or parks.
These compact sweepers are available in several different models. They are each designed for full panoramic view and complete visibility, with simple operation to ensure safety. They are manufactured from the best available materials making them low maintenance, reliable and efficient. For minimum impact on the environment each Hydraulic and Mechanical Sweeper is rated with low emission and low noise levels. Each sweeper is equipped with exceptional agility, a clever brush system, ingenious technology, versatile accessories and a programmed movement monitoring system.
CityCat 1000 & 2020 will meet the high expectations of private cleaning contractors and municipal cleaners alike, providing sweeping services efficiently & cost-effectively.
CityCat 1000 is advanced sweeper technology specifically designed for confined spaces. It is robustly built, reliable and remarkably efficient.
Model CityCat 2020 is an agile compact sweeper with safe operation features including: unrivalled manoeuvrability, an extended reach brush, fully adjustable front brush, weed brush, low emission engine, impact protected suction nozzle, hopper with large filter screen and an integrated water re-circulation system.
CityCat 5000/6000 is compact yet come with four-wheeled steering systems. They have superb manoeuvrability, intuitive, ergonomic design with cutting-edge controls, advance technology, versatile applications and maximum stability. The CityCat 5000/6000 feature a hopper, larger screen, low-emission engine, excellent coverage, front brush, side brush tilt, high pump, wander hose, high pressure water system, street wash system, joystick brush control plus hydraulic dual-circuit brake on front and rear axles for optimum responsive deceleration.